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A flat organisation in perfect harmony

The story of 48DESIGN - How it all began.

Bill Gates started in a garage, 48DESIGN in the basement of a former law office. Two brothers who spend a lot of their free time with their computers - nothing unusual in the mid-90s, when the digital revolution was just beginning. But right from the start, the creative possibilities have been at the forefront. With the growing popularity of the Internet, the programming of simple games quickly leads to getting started with design and development of websites. What initially served to increase pocket money soon took on professional proportions. But the interests are manifold: music, photography, video editing, 3D modelling - that makes orientation difficult at first. Is it even possible to reconcile all those things? When we founded 48DESIGN in the summer of 2008, we wanted to try exactly that. A full-service agency with only two people, effectively? It sounds daring - and it is! But it works.

Swapping urban noise for country air – A choice we don't regret!

After six years in the city centre of Karlsruhe we decided to move to a more rural area. After all, what is the point of large office spaces in the city when construction sites, congested streets and the ubiquitous noise make creative work virtually impossible? Many of our customers had never seen us in person anyway - some of them don't even know our voices - because our customer contact is mostly digital! So nothing changed for our existing customers. The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers remained the same, and if you are looking for a personal conversation, we will be happy to visit you on site thanks to our continued proximity to the city. In return, our creativity and energy received a boost - the perfect foundation for new projects!

profile photo of Fabian Gross

Fabian Groß

Media designer for digital and print media. Already busy with graphic design and 3D design during his school days. After high school and community service, training as a media designer for digital and print media. After several years of professional experience, he decided to start his own business and found 48DESIGN. Voluntarily active as examiner of the IHK. About 28 years of experience in screen design and 3D visualisation.

What Constantin says about Fabian:

Fabian is the founder of 48DESIGN and the driving force behind the company. New ideas keep springing up from him and his ingenuity gives the company new impulses. As a visionary he always looks ahead and explores what is currently possible or will be in the future. He remains tirelessly positive, even when things don't work out as they should. With his ideas he carries others along and motivates them. He is always anxious to resolve or avoid conflicts.
profile photo of Constantin Gross

Constantin Groß

Despite an early technical interest, he began studying Spanish, English and German philology in Mannheim immediately after graduating from high school. After several semesters of linguistic studies and another intermediate step gaining insights into the world of radio and television, he decided to turn his hobby into a career and join his brother in founding 48DESIGN. Meanwhile over 27 years of experience in his core areas.

What Fabian says about Constantin:

Constantin is extremely inquisitive and always on the hunt for new trends. When a solution seems hopeless, he comes up with a solution that surpasses everything. Despite his extreme enthusiasm, he always questions ideas critically in order to rule out unpleasant surprises. He is eloquent and linguistically gifted, perfectly suited to put the finishing touches to texts. Constantin is a self-educator, delivers fast prototyping and works very performance-oriented.

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