Screenshot of the GOG Galaxy game library

Fun and games at work?

Fixing the GOG Galaxy Launcher

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has dawned, we've reported on this several times. To generate images using Stable Diffusion, for example, we've upgraded our hardware. Our powerful computers naturally also want to be used outside of work, so now and then a computer game makes its way onto the hard drive/SSD. Realtime raytracing, high-polygon 3D models, beautiful textures... we are certainly not unfamiliar with this and someone has to see what the modern gaming market has to offer.

But enough of the preface! What is this doing here in the news?



Code of the GOG Galaxy Repair Tool

Bug in the GOG Galaxy Game Client

All games in one place. That's the promise of the GOG Galaxy Launcher. GOG stands for "Good Old Games" and is a platform for computer games and game keys. GOG Galaxy not only manages games purchased on the platform but also those from other well-known providers like Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, Origin/EA or Ubisoft. Why the advertisement? Because we've fixed an annoying bug in this launcher that has existed for years. Despite countless requests, the provider seems to have no solution to the problem: many games display the game tile either not at all or just as a gray tile. It also doesn't allow manual override in the settings (Error "Could not load the image"). We analyzed the issue and found that the WEBP image format is responsible for it. Not every thumbnail is available in this format, or it's just a file with zero bytes. The solution is downloading an alternative image format like PNG or JPG, and the problem is fixed, filling the visual gaps in the game collection! But why do something manually when you can automate it, right? Sure! That's why we quickly wrote a script, similar to our little helper RunWithGPU for Automatic1111 & Co, which completely automates this process: RepairGOG-GalaxyImages. And YES, when it needs to be done quickly, a good old batch script will do – after all, we're old hands in the industry. 😉

You can find the tool here: Download RepairGOG-GalaxyImages.

Simply close GOG Galaxy, run the downloaded RepairGOG-GalaxyImages.bat file and restart the launcher. Done.

Happy gaming!