SVG Color Changer WordPress Plugin

SVG Color Changer

Our new WordPress plugin is online

It took a long time. A very long time. The volunteers at WordPress have finally found the time to check our new WordPress plugin "SVG Color Changer" and release it for the so-called "WordPress Plugin Directory". This means that it is now available as a regular WordPress plugin and can be conveniently downloaded, activated and used directly within any WordPress website. Due to the extremely high number of new WordPress plugins, the staff currently has their hands full and it takes several months for a plugin to be manually checked and in the best case approved.

Many thanks at this point to all WordPress volunteers!



Screenshot of SVG Color Changer WordPress Plugin

But what can SVG Color Changer do and what can the WordPress plugin be used for?

Quite simply: it enables the exchange of colors in SVGs (vector graphics) directly inside WordPress. This is needed, for example, if a customer wants to change the spot color(s) on the website, e.g. if the CD (corporate design) has changed. This makes exchanging colors extremely convenient, especially because you can change a color within several SVGs in one go. No more detours via Illustrator & Co, no need to download and upload again. The vector graphics can be edited in no time at all and are immediately visible live.

In the future, we plan to add a few useful features to this free plugin and create a paid add-on for it. Until then, we are of course happy about a tip or just a few kind words to further increase our motivation.

Have fun with the SVG Color Changer WordPress plugin!