for the bookshop at Kronenplatz in Karlsruhe

Relocating a bookshop

We created a flyer for the Karlsruhe-based bookshop "Buchhandlung am Kronenplatz" to announce the relocation of the shop.

A vector-based map excerpt was drawn, depicting the old and new location as well as prominent features of the surroundings, on order to enable customers a good orientation finding the new store.


Buchhandlung am Kronenplatz GmbH






map section

The challenge

Moving an entire company is never an easy task. Relocating a fully equipped bookshop to a different location is no exception, even if it is in sight of the old one, like in this case. How do you reach your existing customers? And how to reach new walk-in customers?

Scribble for the flyer

The solution

Since quite a large number of customers had to be reached, the choice fell on flyers, which can be distributed in advance and also after the move. A map section in vector format was created for the flyer, showing the old and new locations as well as prominent points in the surrounding area, in order to provide customers with good orientation when locating the new store.

In addition, large stickers matching the design of the flyer were placed next to the old entrance to draw attention to the relocation.

front side of the flyer, depicting a logo and address
back side of a flyer, depicting some text and a map

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