Brochure for Senior Citizens

Walzbachtal municipal administration

Age-appropriate design, but still modern

The Walzbachtal local authority commissioned us to revise their aging brochure for senior citizens. The challenge in this project was to make the content easy to read for the elderly target group, while maintaining a modern and attractive design.

For the back cover, an illustration of the municipality's very rich offer of social services was to be created.


Gemeindeverwaltung Walzbachtal




brochure, logo design, design, illustration


Different designs of the title cover, spread out on white wooden planks

Good legibility, even with visual impairments

In addition to a number of variants for the title cover, a style guide for the content design was produced. For better readability, large font sizes and high contrasts were used. Icons next to the most important data allow them to be quickly distinguished and recognised.

Colour coding of the individual content areas in conjunction with differently positioned page numbers allow for quick finding of the desired information.

Double page from the inside of the brochure with a visual and text content

Soft relaunch of the municipality's logo

On our own initiative, we have subjected the logo of the municipal administration to a refreshing treatment in the form of a so-called "soft relaunch". Like the old edition of the brochure, the logo used up to now also seems quite old-fashioned. Its many colours and gradient effects make it difficult to use on coloured backgrounds and to combine it with more modern design approaches.

We have reduced the colourfulness to three colours and the individual areas are better separated from each other using interruptions. In a monochrome version, which only contains colour gradations in the form of transparencies of a single colour, the logo can now be used in a variety of colour contexts on both dark and light backgrounds.

The logo has been modernised without losing its characteristics and recognition value. The customer has responded positively to this suggestion, and the revised logo is used on the cover of the brochure for the very first time.

Three logos of the Walzbachtal municipal administration - from left to right: the previous logo, the logo without gradients and the monochrome logo in white on a blue background

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