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Teluk Karang Dive & Spa Resort Bali

The coral bay

Located in the north of the Indonesian island of Bali, the resort "Teluk Karang" received a corporate design created from-scratch. Central components were the creation of a website and the 3D visualisation of the resort itself. During a visit to the resort, 48DESIGN was honored to be able to get an idea of the lovingly designed resort. Our opinion: absolutely recommendable!


Teluk Karang Dive & Spa Resort Bali





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Photograph of the pool area in the resort

The challenge

How do you generate bookings for a holiday resort that is still under construction? The diving and wellness resort "Teluk Karang" in the north of Bali was still being built when 48DESIGN was tasked with the creation of its website, and you certainly do not lure guests into a hotel or resort with pictures of a construction site, no matter how gorgeous the surrounding scenery is.

3D rendering of the resort overview by day
3D rendering of the resort overview by night

The solution

For the initial launch of the website, a 3D visualisation of the resort was created that already enabled the first bookings even before the actual completion of the construction. Further extensions of the resort built over time were visualised in advance in the same way.

In the current state of the website, the rendered images have already been exchanged for real photographs. Only the map of the resort is still computer-generated. As a nice additional gimmick, visitors of the website can switch between day and night view.

scribble of the custom-made font
photograph of the restaurant by night, with the custom-made font carved in stone

Carved in stone

The logo initially designed by the owner was revamped by 48DESIGN. For this purpose, we created a custom-made font consisting of modified characters of the Balinese script. The idea arose from the fact that there are some great similarities between Balinese and our Latin characters, although the meaning is completely different.

Thanks to the creativity of the Balinese artisans involved in the construction this font is used throughout the resort. Starting with the large stone ornament at the entrance, to the labels next to the doors of each of the bungalows.

responsive website on desktop, tablet and mobile

Responsive Website

The cross-device capability was extremely important because of the diverse target group of a resort. This is made possible by a responsive design, which adapts to the available screen size.

In order to be able to maintain booking requests in a central spot, the website's Content Management System (CMS) has been evolved into a Resort Management System (RMS). Thus, not only can the multilingual content of the website be easily maintained, but a booking calendar and a ticketing system facilitate the general management. Special access for tour operators allows read access to the calendar and the reservations, and the ticketing system helps service employees to stay on top of all the incoming inquiries.

Ratings from HolidayCheck and Tripadvisor were also integrated to display the outstanding positive reviews of the guests.

Screenshot of the RMS booking calendar
Screenshot of the HolidaCheck and Tripadvisor ratings

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