Virtual Prototype Visualisation


ViProVis in one sentence

ViProVis is a technique for current web browsers to allow changing colours and textures of objects in a (photorealistic) 3D rendering on-the-fly, without additional plug-ins or restrictions in the number of available colours.

Sooo... Who might be interested in this technique? All companies that either already have a product configurator in use or would like to have one created, and whose product representation is based on 3D data. Think of automotive configurators, for example.


48DESIGN intern







3d rendering of a green car

Isn't there anything like it already?

No! So far, we know of no product configurator using this technology. There is still one image (3D rendering) required per colour variant and colour combination. This means an exponential increase in required renderings with every additional colour!

3d rendering of the same car as above, this time coloured in black

The problems of existing techniques

  • expensive - considerable amount of time and money
  • unflexible - restriction in the variety of colours
  • no videos - only still images are possible
  • reduced representation in real-time configurators
  • plugins are sometimes required

3d rendering of the same car as above, this time coloured in dark blue

The solution: ViProVis

ViProVis requires only one image per scene and changeable object (3D rendering). The advantages are obvious:

  • on-the-fly exchange of colours and textures in photorealistic renderings
  • Lighting, reflections, transparency, global illumination etc.
  • unrestricted RGB color palette of 16.7 million colours displayable
  • Pictures and videos can be used
  • No plugin required

Your advantages

In addition to time and cost savings in the creation of content, there is no limitation in the product presentation. The unique selling proposition of a "video product configurator" will amaze your customers. You also profit from fully customizable products, which can be sold at a higher price than conventional goods. Improve usability and reduce bounce rates thanks to real-time color change, i.e. without any additional loading times when changing the colours. ViProVis is also usable with existing configurators.

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