3D directions sketch and website

Dental office Dr. Uwe Bauer

Directions sketch to facilitate the journey

Structural changes around the Mendelssohnplatz and Philipp-Reis-Straße made it necessary to revise the directions sketch on the website of dentist Dr. Ing. Uwe Bauer. In the style of tilt-shift shots, which are known for their shallow depth of field and the resulting toy-like look, these 3D renderings were created. The impression that these are photographs of a plaster model from the field of architecture is therefore quite intentional.


Dr. med. dent. Uwe Bauer


web, 3D



3D rendering of the directions sketch

The challenge

In order to better identify the entrance to the dental practice and the corresponding parking spaces in the underground car park, a directions sketch had already been created by 48DESIGN during the design phase of the website in 2008. As a result of the construction work around the dental practice, an overhaul of these images was necessary to represent the changed circumstances.

3D rendering of the office entrance

The solution

The design of the directions sketches as so-called tilt-shift shots, with their short focus area and the resulting depth of field, allow the viewer to focus on the essentials. In the style of classic plaster models used in architectural planning, the directions sketch also harmonises with the interior of the practice rooms and the colouring of the website.

Screenshot of the home page
Screenshot of the services page


Just in time for the relocation to the new practice rooms, the bright website for dentist Dr. Ing. med. dent. Uwe Bauer went online. The design concept is matching the simple elegance of the modern rooms, as beautifully shot photographs lead the visitor through the dental office.

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