Looking for an Advertising Agency in Germany?

48DESIGN is not a classical ad agency, but still the right partner for your next project made in Germany.

We call ourselves Agency for New Media. We have summed up what we mean by that, and why we don't associate ourselves with what people commonly have in mind when hearing the word "advertising agency", in a news post. In a nutshell, we do not want to promise you pie in the sky, but to work out your goals and suitable strategies in personal contact.

In terms of our range of services, we can nevertheless offer you everything you would expect from a typical advertising agency: From classic print advertising to stand-up displays and printing of promotional items and merchandising to digital displays at trade fair stands and app programming for Android and iOS. Our hobbyhorse is web design, but our references also include such highlights as a completely individualised mini television station for foyer screens.

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If you are just getting your business started, or if you would like to revamp your company's appearance, we'll be happy to create or revise your complete Corporate Design to establish your Corporate Identity. Through our competent partners, we can also include copywriters and professional photographers in the creation of your content, or create a complete image film for your company. With the exception of your budget, the only limit is what is technically possible.

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Ad Agency in Germany: Walzbachtal, Karlsruhe and beyond

In 2018 we exchanged our offices in the heart of Karlsruhe for a quieter and more creative environment in the surrounding vicinity. However, this does not mean that we have turned our backs on Karlsruhe - in addition to a small office in the Neureut district of Karlsruhe (76149), we have also retained our customer base in Karlsruhe. Besides that, our customers come from all over Germany and also include internationally acting and foreign companies.

In the digital age, spatial proximity plays less and less of a role. Nevertheless, personal contact is important to us. No matter whether you are looking for an advertising agency in Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg or elsewhere in Germany: If you like our references, we will be happy to meet you personally at your location.

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