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During the creation process of audio-visual media production, there are often byproducts which don't make it into the final result. They then rot on your hard disk until they are finally deleted or eventually make it into another project.




No matter if stock photos, sound effects, ambient sounds, production music, textures or HDRIs – wouldn't it be great if it could still earn some money instead of vanishing into the data nirvana? But of course, the effort of finding or even creating your own shop solution is too high for the revenue you can expect (and which is not even guaranteed).

That's why we now offer a reseller system on our 3D platform , where every digital artist gets the chance to make a few additional bucks out of what otherwise would become digital waste. Sure, there's no guarantee on our site either, but on the other hand there's no risk for you: There's no basic charge from us – if you don't sell anything, you're not losing anything.

We can't be everywhere on earth to record our HDRIs und soundFX, so we're looking forward to 3D and other digital artists from all over the world.

See the conditions for product scouts on how to become one yourself on