Why "Agency for New Media Karlsruhe", actually?

Why not "Advertising Agency" or "Internet Agency"?

There are indeed more common terms than "Agency for New Media". For example, we could have called ourselves advertising agency or internet agency. Why did we choose "Agency for New Media Karlsruhe"?


At the time 48DESIGN was founded, we stumbled upon statistics saying that one of the most hated professions in Germany was that of advertising professionals, especially "employees of an advertising agency". According to current research, advertising agencies are still appearing in 2019 in various statistics on the prestige of professions. For us, this was reason enough to take a closer look at our activities.

If you imagine the managing director of an advertising agency, you often think of people who produce a lot of hot air. Terms and abbreviations such as USP, retargeting, CTR or CTA occur in every second sentence, which feign know-how and conceal ignorance. They're selling, marketing, and making phone calls all of the time. You associate them with cheap advertising gifts. But that does not represent us!

What drives us is the constantly changing market of "new media". For us, this stands primarily for the digital world and the Internet. But there is more to it than that, because the Internet is usually the starting point for new ideas and projects. Social media, online platforms, virtual worlds, computer games, electronic devices such as headmounted displays or smartphones, to name a few examples. The connection between people and the Internet, regardless of the medium.

But how do you describe the union of several people with the same goal? Workshop, smithy, collective, group? We had to find a name that is also being searched by possible customers. Most people are indeed searching for Advertising agency, even when it comes to simply creating a website. Tightly followed by Internet agency. We finally chose "agency" in addition with the new media aspect, since this is part of the most frequent search requests.

Now you know why we are called 48DESIGN GmbH - Agency for New Media Karlsruhe. :)