A shop selling clothing and accessories

Do you sell clothes?!

Opening of our online shop

Some of you may have already noticed: a shop has actually crept into our website. Nicely hidden behind a subdomain. With the release of our Corona Test Results plugin for WordPress, we secretly opened our web shop. Originally intended for merchandise related to 48DESIGN, the offer was quickly expanded to include the category "software".



But no, don't worry, we're not changing industries and making clothes now, even if the big pictures in the header of our home page may evoke corresponding associations. Of course, we remain true to web design! And of course also our other core areas. The shop itself was set up with WordPress and WooCommerce, and we would be happy to support you with your e-commerce needs as well!

In addition to our WordPress plugin, however, you can actually find T-shirts with different motifs in our online shop: our company logo in different variations and also drawings of the "agency children" can be found here. What else will we be offering? Let us surprise you. Just browse through the pages of the 48DESIGN shop!