RepairGOG-GalaxyImages C# Edition

restore game tiles in GOG Galaxy

Last year, we released the popular tool "RepairGOG-GalaxyImages", which can fix the thumbnails (tiles) of games in the "GOG Galaxy" software. A bug in this software prevents some games in the game collection from downloading the small preview image, leaving unsightly gaps.

Although we've since switched to the Game Client "Playnite" because it operates much more smoothly, we didn't want to withhold the C# developed version of our tool from the gaming community. Among other features, it allows for the direct conversion of images into the WEBP format. This not only enhances performance but also helps to use the already limited storage space more efficiently. Ironically, our tool is over 60 megabytes in size instead of just a few kilobytes! Bashscript vs. C#... 😂

Long story short, you can find the new version of RepairGOG-GalaxyImages here.

Have fun gaming and with RepairGOG-GalaxyImages!