SICK deTec4 Core

3D animation of a safety light curtain

Market Launch

In cooperation with kambeckfilm, this short trailer for the market launch of the new safety light curtain "deTec4 Core" from SICK was produced on behalf of Marschner+Kühn. However, the 3D model based on CAD data was not only used in this animation. As an almost photorealistic rendering, it adorns various SICK product brochures and even T-shirts used at trade fairs.

Marschner+Kühn commissioned 48DESIGN to create the key visual for the magnetic cylinder sensor MZC1 from SICK, based on CAD data. Special attention was paid to the presentation of the flexible applicability of the sensor.

Furthermore, four different views of the analog position sensor MPA were created for SICK AG. These photorealistic 3D renderings, which are also based on CAD data, were created for the sensor brochure.




3D, video



3D modelling, 3D animation, 3D rendering


3D rendering of a light spot on the SICK deTec4 core logo
3D rendering of an LED display

The task

The aim of the product video was to present the most relevant features of the new product "deTec4 Core".

The solution

Together with the film production company kambeckfilm and a specially engaged dramaturge, a short 3D animation was created, which illuminates the individual features through targeted spotlights, fast camera movements and sound effects.

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